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Share your ANTS experience with us!

Please take a moment to share with us how your ANTS trailer has helped you and/or your company GET THE JOB DONE!

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Green Leaf Landscaping of WA

"I started Green Leaf Landscaping in 2009 as a new construction landscaping installer. We started out with a 14k dump trailer that in essence did everything we wanted it to. We had two problems with the dump trailers. 1. It didn't dump high enough so often material would get stuck at the front and you had to go back and forth with the pickup trying to shake it out. 2. It was very easy to have your trailer loaded back heavy especially when hauling pallets of block or pavers. When it came time to buy a second trailer I went through all the dump trailers at our local dealer and bought the one that dumped the highest and had fold down sides. It made it a little easier to unload and load but we still had some of the same issues. We knew there had to be something better out there and in 2016 we bought our first ANTS trailers. This trailer solved both of those problems and ones we didn't know we had!"

"I can now send out one guy with a trailer to a job that used to take 2-3 guys to do. The length of the trailer makes it so we can haul 2 different materials out to small jobs and still be able to unload without mixing the materials, saving us travel time and helping us finish the project quickly."


"We haul pavers, blocks, boulders, river rock, bark dust, and equipment in the trailers. We convey right into wheelbarrows or the skid steer bucket and it takes no time at all to empty the trailer."


"This trailer will make your jobs easier, your employees happier and more profits in your pocket! I now have four of the ANTS trailers and I believe they are the one piece of equipment that has made the biggest effect on our business.

Randy Hill
ANTS Owner

With a strong reputation for quality craftsmanship DP Construction has been providing commercial and residential building services in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for more than 25 years.  From custom homes on the shores of Lake Superior to large scale commercial projects, their exceptional work can be seen throughout the area.  


DP Construction is known for completing jobs in a timely and efficient manner.  Over the years they have invested in a large fleet of equipment with the goal of maximizing productivity. DP Construction credits the ANTS Trailer as being an integral part of their equipment line up. 


“I have owned an ANTS Trailer for 2 years and it is the most popular trailer in our fleet. We do a lot of different types of dirt work and the guys seem to fight to use that trailer the most.”


“As a Construction company owner, we find more uses for this trailer than any other trailer we ever had. We continually say "how did we get along without this trailer"”


“This trailer saves us time and money!”

Dan Palosaari
Owner, DP Construction
DP Construction, General Contractor 
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